Power supply confusion

Yep peeps i need your help again. At the moment i have an SN2 powered by a Hicap DR and an CD5 XS
powered by a Flatcap XS. I’m looking at ways of powering both at the same time from the Hicap DR. Looking at the outputs of the SN 2, Aux 2 looks like it might be a candidate. The power update input of the CD5 XS is the same as the Aux 2 on the SN2. The thing is though, does the SN 2 actually output power to Aux 2 if you have CD selected as the input ? Or am i thinking and hoping in vein :slightly_smiling_face:

The Aux2 power input is able to power an item such as the Stageline and Superline. It’s not a Naim recommended approach to connect the CD5XS upgrade via this socket and possible current draw issues aside, you’d end up with a ground loop and non-optimal performance.

Not advisable, so I’d stick with what you have or look for another Hicap DR to power the CD5XS.


I had a feeling this might be the case lol, which is why i asked the question. I have a friend who is very interested in buying my flatcap xs, so going from that to another hicap dr would not be the end of the world.


I suppose the obvious question is though, would a hicap dr be any better than a flatcap xs when paired with a cd5 xs ? I’m sort of suspecting not, so is another reason to asking the question.

Give it a try ?

Put the SN2 link plug back in and see what you think of the CD5XS powered via the Hicap DR rather than the Flatcap XS.

Ok, you’ll lose the benefit of the Hicap on the SN2 during your trial, but at least it will give you an idea of whether it’s worth upgrading from the Flatcap to a Hicap on the CD5XS without needing to spend any money.


I would keep the Flatcap. It’s the perfect supply for your CD player. I once had a CD5x and tried both Hicap and Flatcap 2x. The Hicap made it sound crazy, like it was on speed, whereas the Flatcap was just right and a lovely improvement. So keep what you’ve got and if your friend wants a Flatcap, tell them to get their own.

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HH may well be right, but I’d definitely try the Hicap on the CD to see what your ears think.

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I have now, and HH is right. It sounds like Sebastion Veetel singing the crazy frog out of time and out of tune :scream:
Decided very fast to keep things as they are lol.
It does me wonder though why some things just work and others are just so wrong.

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Good to have tried it and found out for yourself if it works or not for you.

When I had a fair bit of Naim kit knocking around here, I tried a Supercap in place of the Flatcap XS powering my Nait XS. Although the Supercap is a far superior supply to the Flatcap, the combination just sounded wrong and lost the finesse and speed of the Nait / Flatcap combo.


Don’t get me wrong, the Hi cap dr is the doggies danglies with the SN 2. It’s just just a pile of pain when paired with a CD5 xs.

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That was my experience too, when I had a CD5XS, though some folk seem to like the effect.

If you really want an upgrade on your CD player, you could try to source an nDAC and use the CD5XS as transport. That’s what I did and I found it a substantial improvement on the bare CD spinner.


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My choice would be to get an NDAC to run from the SPDIF output on the CD5XS. Used prices are similar to HicapDR prices.


I once had CD5x, FC2x, Nait5x. I tried all combinations of the FC (on the Nait’s preamp, on the CD5x, on both) and in the end I left it on the Nait, leaving the CD alone. I found it the most balanced combination.
Even when I had my last CDX2 I ended up using it bare, whereas I have always extra-powered preamps.

A Stageline’s current absorption is minimal compared to that of a CD5XS, and you’d risk f**king up earths. BTW, HH’s advice is usually that of one who’s been there…

(An unusual solution that can bring most of a HiCap’s benefits to the CD without overcharging its voice is a dual-railed SNAPS. I have had some, and appreciated them. If I found one for my Stageline I’d buy it.)

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