Power Supply faulty?

I use my CD555 with two power supplies. The casing of one of these is fairly hot to the touch on the left hand side, but the other power supply only ever gets slightly warm. The sound seems okay, but does this indicate a possible fault on the hot one?

Think you will find its fine, the power supply on socket 1 works much harder than socket 2, and so the power supply will be hotter, plus the reg boards are on the left and the transformer on the right in the case, and the heat will come from the reg boards

It doesn’t sound right to me. You could try running the CD from both outputs of one power supply, then from the other one. If one gets hot and one doesn’t, having both fully powered the CD, then you’ll know something is amiss with one of them. My 555PS only powers a 272 but never gets warmer than very slightly warm.

The cd555 will use all the power supplies the 555ps can give, if you then use 2 power supplies, the one on socket 1 will work harder than the one on socket 2, as it uses more off the power supplies and so will run warmer, the 272 doesn’t work the 555ps as hard, as it can also use the other power supplies that naim makes and so the 555ps is having an easier time on the 272.
But as said you could swap the burndy cables over on the 2 supplies and then the other supply should get warmer and the other run cooler, but it will take a day or two to reach temperature

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My 555DR is powering an NDS and therefore uses both burndies and it’s neither warm or cool to the touch. Not as cool as the 282 but cooler than my 250DR.

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