Power supply query

Hello to all
I own a 32.5/160 both serviced connected with a grey snaic, I have tried a hicap power supply on this but for some reason i still prefer it without the hicap
Is this so unusual ?
How can i further improve my 32.5/160 perhaps add a Black Snaic lead ? Is there a big difference between the grey & black snaics ?

An unserviced Hicap can be a backward step, making things sound slower and flatter. Even a serviced one can improve bandwidth and clarity, which can sometimes expose other weaknesses up stream, in the system.

A Black SNAIC is a very worthwhile upgrade. Just wind back the collars on the locking DINs all the way and they will fit perfectly in the old latching Deltron sockets (assuming these are still fitted too your NAC32.5 and NAP160). Of course, they won’t latch or lock, so be careful.

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