Power supply re WiFi mesh system from Core to ND5XS2

Apologies if this is a daft question but I currently run a BT disc mesh system at home with a Naim Core connected to my main BT Router via ethernet cable. I have my first mesh disc also attached directly to the router, and my ND5XS2 connected to a receiving BT mesh disc via another Ethernet cable (router WIFI signal turned off with all home WIFI via the discs alone).

I believe that as the signal from the Core is transmitted over WIFI there is a break between the router/Core and the streamer and as such no dirty mains noise can get from the Core to the streamer directly, However reading some threads on the forum I wondered if the mains to the receiving Mesh Disc could cause a degradation in the signal going via its ethernet cable to the streamer?

If so would one of the new IFi power supplies for the receiving mesh disc improve matters? Anyone any experience of the latest iFi power x supply ?


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