Power Supply upgrade

Hi All

one of the threads on the forum was about the NAC 272 and I said I really liked it.

Based on this, someone on the forum made some comments about my answer, which got me thinking…

This chap suggested that I should get a power supply for my second system rather than my main system. Now I would really be interested in the Naim Forum’s input. Which should I get:

Main system- NAC 552 DR, NAP 300DR, power supply for NDX 2?
Second system- HDX, NAP 250 DR. power supply for NAC 272?

Now I think it might make more sense to get a power supply for the NAC 272- what do you think?


Short answer - get both!
More realistically, I guess you need to listen carefully and see which PS does it for you. Asking the forum will always give you a variety of opinions, such as XPS or 555 for the NDX2.
For your second system, how do you use the HDX? As a UPnP server, or do you use the analogue output? I certainly think the 272 really needs an XPS to shine - but then, what if you put that on the HDX?

Hi Chris,

The 272 despite its limitations sounds extremely good bare…

I think for me I would go for a 555PS for your main system …

either way it’s what I call a win win situation …

Interesting to hear what you decide?

That’s the point of posting here- should I get a power supply for the HDX? I have “standard” Naim equipment- it has a power supply or is has an IEC mains input.

I am very interested in looking into a power supply upgrade because I have no experience…


I had assumed that you were considering a PSU for the 272, which to my ears is a very worthwhile upgrade. The other issue is, if the HDX DAC is being used, do you really need the 272 with all that redundancy, when an analogue pre would do? In other words, you could change the 272 for a 282.

sorry I missed your original question- second system I have the HDX connected to the DAC of the 272, the HDX is much older than the 272 so I used the digital input of the 272,


I’d tend to put all the music on a nas and get shot of the HDX. Stream to both systems. The 552/300 deserves the best source available and that is where the emphasis should be.

I wouldn’t necessarily write off the abilities of the DAC in the HDX - all the more so if you add an external PS, as this will benefit the performance of the its DAC. Obviously this is all speculation, and the only way to find out would be to get an XPS or a 555, which you could then try on the HDX and the 272 to see which one benefits most.

Thanks for the input. I have the HDX connected to the DAC of the 272. My reasoning was that the HDX is older the DAC in the 272 would be better… Thanks- I will try connecting the HDX to the analogue input to try that option.

If I am not mistaken, the 272, HDX and NDX 2 all use the same PS, so I can get to try it on the different Naims,

I have a box in the hifi room with an NDX 2 which needs unpacking- that´s my next job :slight_smile:

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