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Hi all.

My Current system comprises an ND5X streamer, a CD5X (hardly used these days) with a Flat cap 2X power supply. These feed a Supernait 2 into a pair of S400 Ovators.

I was thinking of adding a Hicap DR to the Supernait but is it going to make a noticeable difference or not?

I would love a definitive answer. I know at the end of the day it’s going to be about my ears and musical perception but who put there has tried it and did it have a noticeable difference?

Cheers all.


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Most people like what a Hicap does to a Supernait, but not everyone, so you need to listen for yourself.
I would consider a source upgrade before an amp upgrade looking at your system. If you are happy with the first generation streamers an NDX would be a nice upgrade to your ND5, or you could go for an ND5XS2.


I had a Supernait 2 not that long ago. Got a second hand HiCapDR for it. I liked it and could hear improvements at once.

If I remember correctly you will also need an extra interconnect, the Snaic 4, to go back from HiCap DR to the Supernait 2.


I had the SN 2 with Ovator S-400 speakers and I found the HiCap DR to be a positive upgrade. As mentioned above others have not so only you will know for sure.

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Buy one. Or get a home trial if uncertain. But yes it’s a definite and worthwhile upgrade for the sn2.

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