Power Switch Light of ND5XS2

A question for ND5XS2 users… Is there a difference in the brightness of the light in the power switch when you are using your unit as compared to when it is on standby mode?

I have read that when using the unit, the light should be at its brightest, and it should dim when you put it on standby mode.

I noticed mine to be of the same brightness whether being used or on standby mode. Other than this, the unit is working flawlessly.

I doubt there’s anything too concerning here. Mine appears like you specify (same or similar brightness either on or in standby), but I have heard/read of this instance on an occasion or two. You could contact Naim or @Richard.Dane to confirm that all’s well. I honestly haven’t given it a thought; plus I cannot see how it could affect the unit—presently or inthe future.

Mine is the same brightness all the time… whether in standby or whilst in use.

The only time it is brighter, is at the point the button (on the unit itself), is physically depressed, when putting into standby (not using the Naim App) … at this point (standby) the Naim logo is extinguished too :grinning:

It only goes brighter during this process, whilst the button is being depressed - once you release your finger (and the unit goes into standby), the light dims again.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the replies. Yes, that is also my experience. The light only becomes bright when being pressed to put it on standby mode.

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