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any real concerns switching power on/off for the amps and stuff all at once with one power switch at the main power line?

(i know leaving everything on is preferred, but besides that…)


Ideally, if you have preamp poweramp and hicap/supercap, then there is a preferred shut down sequence.


If you don’t mind the possible risk of loud noises through your speakers, go ahead…

I am with @robert_h . Power amp first. etc.

All electrical devices have an inrush current and Naim’s is pretty high. Another reason not to do the all in one go is to avoid blowing fuses or tripping the circuit breaker.

Some users have that problem just powering on a single power amp, let alone a stack of boxes.


okay, but besides risk of blowing fuses (would be no big deal to try that)

  • could the noise going through the speakers be any risk for them? there is always a little noise when powering nap180 on/off, noise from hicap/nac is even less when nap is already on. would that be different when using the one switch for all?
  • does the switch in the amps anything else than just switch power (clear capacitors or whatever)
  • any experience with damage from „not following the recommended order“?

thanks :slight_smile:

(i use to switch my espresso machine with a timer on an apple home switch, no issue at all even though quite some current required to heat the beast. the idea is another „smart home“ switch for my stereo to save energy and be able to control it from remote)

As I understand it it is all about inrush current, in other words that initial surge when turned on. You espresso machine will probably not have this issue, it will power up and then the heater will kick in.

Also using a timer etc before the kit will almost certainly have an effect on sound quality

What equipment do you have? Your profile says a Nait.

its a olive 102/180/napsc/hicap

its a remote controlled switch, can’t tell about sound impact before using it…

I’d follow the recommended power up/down sequence. My kit seems pretty resilient to power cuts and I’ve never experienced a problem with it all coming back up at the same time when the power is restored but I wouldn’t impose that on my kit on a day to day basis. There is a reason for the recommended approach.

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With this old olive stuff it’s really important that you turn it on and off in the right order. Turn the power amp on last, and turn it off first. It’s also important for best sound quality that you leave at least the preamp turned on all the time.

Good mains is essential for best sound quality. Putting a cheap smart plug between the Naims and the mains is not a good idea.

So don’t use a smart plug. But if you do, you have yourself to blame if something goes wrong.

It is of course important to save as much power as we can, and older Naim equipment is not 100% compatible with that aim. I now have a Nova, which goes into standby after 20 minutes. Maybe that is the way forward for you. Great sound with energy saving abilities, all controlled from the app or remote with no smart plugs required.

Yes, but it doesn’t have the high in-rush current as previously explained.

If I switched mine (2x SuperCap / 2x NAP 250) on too quickly, even in the correct order, it would still trip the breaker.

As other have advised, follow the Naim Switch On / Off process.


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