Power switch

Can anyone help looking for a powerswitch for my nap 250dr any help would be appreciated regards

Have you checked with your nearest Naim Dealer?

Is it a sticking issue? If so, it has been discussed on here before - a search should find the solution

Not a sticking issue its a latching fault

Yhanks for your response

Willtry them next

I’m sure @HungryHalibut put up a response on latching issues that was around using the rubber end of a pencil, and latching multiple times. I’m sure he will respond here soon

What @GadgetMan said. The info is on here… Search is the way to go…

No pencil required. With the amplifier unplugged, just jab the on/off switch a few times on and off with your finger, firmly and quickly, and it should sort itself out. If it doesn’t it’s time to speak to your dealer.

Thanks for all advise will let know how I get on tosh