Power to the Uniti?

I’m thinking of experimenting by adding a power amp to my Uniti 1. I can’t stretch to a NAP200 but a 155xs might be in reach. The speakers are a pair of Spendor S3/5R2. I listen at fairly low volumes in a small space and the Uniti drives them well, but a touch more oomph is never a bad thing.

I once heard a Nait XS and was impressed. Is the 155xs a close cousin? I’ve no experience of Naim pre/powers so what benefits, if any, do you think I might hear by going down this route?


If you add an amp to the Uniti, I would then look to change it for separate streamer or streamer/preamp. My preference would be for a separate streamer and an integrated amp, such as an NDX or ND5XS with a Supernait. Alternatively, a 172 or 272 with a power amp such as a 155 or 200 would work nicely.
Yet another possibility is to swap the Uniti for a Superuniti, which has a more powerful amp than the Uniti.

I take your point, Chris, but this would be a one-time change. I’m perfectly happy with the CD/streaming/USB/radio function of the Uniti. I’m not looking to upgrade further in the foreseeable future. As I say, a 155xs is just about doable.

I would save those pennies until you can get a 200. It’s a great match for the Uniti. You don’t need a DR version and they are not much more costly than a 155.

Halibut, I can see the sense in that but I can’t help thinking it’s a touch of overkill for my purposes. Is the sonic difference between the 155xs and 200 that great, especially as I so rarely pump up the volume?

Fair enough, it’s all too easy to spend other people’s money on a forum like this. I suppose my honest answer is that I’m not convinced that adding a 155XS will radically improve your Uniti. Ideally, you need to listen for yourself, but if you are buying a used amp privately, that may or may not be possible.

It’s not just about volume. At secondhand prices the difference is only about £200. Its worth the extra and the speakers will thank you.

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