Power update for naim untiti Nova

I have a naim untiti-nova all in one. Wil the sound get better if I buy a power update? And witch one flatcap hicap or another.


You cannot add a power supply to a Nova.

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thanks i did not know that!


If you haven’t considered already, the Naim Powerline is generally considered a good power related upgrade for the Nova. I have one and can recommend.

Hope that helps.

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Hello Hendrik, I have a Powerline , and it does a brilliant job at uplifting the performance of the Uniti Nova - I am very, very happy with what it does to the Nova

I auditioned it as follows. My dealer delivered it to me to audition it (this was during Lockdown)

1 I plugged it in
2 A minute later I emailed my dealer to order it for me

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Not exactly what you asked but the addition of an Audioquest Niagara 1200 conditioner worked very well with my Uniti Star. I agree also that a Powerline is beneficial

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