I was just interested what everybody is using as solutions to deliver the best power to your Naim system. Do you have special solutions, direct lines, powercleaners etc….
And I especially interested if somebody is using a StromTank and if so what is the experience with that solution ?

6mm2 spur to one socket with a klangmodul III in the fusebox. An Inakkustik power strip. No filters nor conditioners of any sort. Standard powerline lites

There are many threads on this.

Fwiw, I eschewed expensive power leads in favour of a single Hydra (from Grahams in my case), which uses star-earthing of the many connected boxes.

Listening meant that my turntable PS and all other non-Naim boxes are plugged into the wall, not the Hydra.

For about the cost of 1 expansive power lead, I got an electrician to run a dedicated ‘radial’ supply from my meter to the new plugs in my living room.


I’m interested in answers to this as well.

A couple of houses ago I (as in me by myself) was able to run a dedicated mains circuit for my HiFi which brought a noticeable improvement in everything - shame the room was an acoustic nightmare.

Over the years I’ve tried a few different expensive devices but nothing that I wanted to keep. Now I use ZeroSurge 8R15W-I which are inexpensive in HiFi terms but are among the best protection devices you can get.


That’s the way.

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Dedicated consumer unit with a dedicated earth rod. 8mm mains direct to the hifi socket which is a Furutec GTX socket. Furutec Empire cable from there to a Furutec non filtered distribution block. Gold plated, not rhodium.

Three other dedicated hifi sockets in other rooms also but using standard mains to the main house consumer unit. They are litterally just deducated circuits terminated to Furutec sockets. Their earth remains isolated until the consumer unit though (often earth is daisy chained across circuits linking noisy appliances).

Seems extreme but we built a new house so it was easy and not expensive when done from the start.

APC Line-R 1200

Hi Mtuttleb,
daft question really, but is the Klangmodule UK regs compliant and does it fit in a UK CU?
Also, which and what amp fuse are you using?


Hi Stefano,
I don’t live in the UK
I use the standard kit supplied fuses. I don’t mess about with them.

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