Powercable Mu-so QB2

A short question about powercables and QB 2.

Is the powercable that came with my QB-2 somesort of special?

What will be the effect on sound when i replace it with a shorter one/not naim cable?

(i use the euro cable)

I don’t think there would be any effect on sound quality at all, but the obvious thing is to try a new shorter lead yourself rather than shorten the Naim one.

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If the qb2 is the same as the qb1, with two pin figure 8 plug, the plug can be inserted in two ways.

Try both ways. One may sound better than the other.

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as a follow up and FYI:

I made a shorter powercable out of the UK (2th) cable that came with my QB2. I replaced the UK connector with a EU connector:
no difference in the SQ. So all just fine.

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