Powergrio YG 2

Hello everyone
Has anyone ever used or uses this type of accessory and if so is it visible when listening, knowing that I have an HMS energia sector strip and see if it is better or not ?
Would this solve the problems of hiss in the speakers and humming of the HiCap?
Thank you for your answers

Hum that comes and goes is often caused caused by DC offset on the mains, or possibly by over or under voltage. If the unit doesn’t fix these then I would think unlikely to stop hum.

It won’t stop hiss from the speakers as that is a product of the amp electronics.

Thank you for your reply.
Is there an efficient power strip that would do just as well?
My Hms Energia is dated but still works well as do the sector cables of the same brand but I have seen that it is preferable to have an unfiltered strip.

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