Powerline and 552


It was my understanding that all 500 series components came with a Powerline as standard. I’ve just been looking at a 2018 552DR which says with Powerline Lite? Am I correct?



AFAIK, it should come with a full-fat PL.

The vendor probably wants to retain the PL – understandable but should reduce the ‘full’ AP.


Also be mindful of the remotes which (should) come with – sometimes these are ‘held back’ too, and they aren’t cheap!

I may be wrong but the 552DR (in 2018) may have come with the usual plastic Narcom and a.n.other (the better one – name escapes me) – edit - an Rcom too?

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Yes, R-Com (heavy aluminum remote) and Powerline comes as standard with a 552, at least mine did. Don’t recall if mine came with a second (plastic) remote - it may well have done as I have a spare one.

It looks still the case per the 552 and R-com manuals – noting you sometimes need the Narcom for programming.

e.g. 552 manual:

‘Both R-Com and NARCOM 4 remote handsets are included with the NAC 552. The R-com is intended for day-to-day use while the NARCOM 4 can be used for handset-based setup and programming’

Thanks guys.

2 remotes and powerline with mine bought 2019

Early ones preceded powerlines - don’t know which year that changed though.

If this one preceded Powerlines, it definitely preceded Powerline Lites!

I would always ask a seller to confirm that all original accessories would be included, which for a 552 is Burndy, SNAIC5, R-Com, Narcom, Powerline, and negotiate a deal for anything that’s missing.

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