Powerline best usage?

I’m using multi plug extension blocks. I have/had powerlines everywhere, from the wall to the first block and then between the first extension and the second and then the third, As well as from each extension block to the naim black boxes (and other brands devices).
I have come to the realization that when the powerlines are not used to connect to naim boxes (or other brands) directly, in fact their contribution is not so positive. When removing the powerlines from “indirect” connections like wall to extension block, and extension block to extension block, and replacing them with another cable from a LPS provider, I noticed that the sound opened up noticeably.
Have you had the same experience? If you have not tried could you and let me know if it confirms my experience? In any case the naim powerlines are exceptional when connected to any electronic… but just to transmit current indirectly maybe not?

The point of the PowerLine os the plug and IEC male connector. They exist to decouple the hifi component from vibration. The cable itsrlf is nice but nothing special. For this reason, a Powerline needs to be connected to an actual bit of hifi to get the full benefit. Which is what you discovered.

I use heavy duty Furutech pro audio (not their expensive audiophile range) mains leads to the mains block and PowerLines from there to the Naim bits.


Interesting! I never realized this, to me it was just “one cable”…I temporarily used mcru 75 cable and now will be looking for a dedicated few cables! 40 years into naim equipment and I realize this just now by chance!