Powerline cable dressing

My system components (not Naim) are plugged into a Chord M6 block using Powerlines. The block is located between the rack (Quadraspire SVT) and the wall. The cables are a little ‘bunched-up’ and not arranged very well - no room. It all sounds great but I’n just wondering if I would get a significant benefit from placing the block in front of the rack. Yes it might look odd, but it would allow me to route the Powerlines so that they didn’t bunch-up across each other.

What are other people’s experiences with the Powerlines? Are they sensitive to dressing?

If it works, do it.

Yes, Powerlines are very sensitive and its best to get as much space round them as possible. No touching of anything else, especially the floor.

Keep well away from signal cables as well.


I try to let the two Power-Line cables i use, hang fairly freely from the mains plugs and from the IEC plugs (as far as the stiff Power-Line cable itself and the inevitable floor contact, allows). They are kept away from signal and speaker cables but run out of the way under my racks.

I would say that any gain from getting a slightly better cable run from locating the power block in front of the rack would be offset by the rather strange aesthetic, but also possible grief from a partner !

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One of the dealers I visited places his chord m6 I front of the racks , like you mentioned . So to have more space to lay his power cords

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It’s impossible to stop the cables touching the floor. They don’t touch any signal cables but it’s impossible to get lots of space around them in the current configuration. They do hang loose from the IEC end though.

I’ll need to think. It’s all sounding great at present so I’m loathe to disturb anything and power down. However next time I need to then I’ll move the block and re-dress the cables. Might be a nice free upgrade.

First listen to the music.
Second avoid “thinking”.
Third avoid tinkering.
Fourth do the best you can.
Fifth listen to the music.

Nothing wrong with that - just do your best - guess what, sincerely - enjoy the music.
Oh, the music will only get better with Naim and Fraim - but that is tinkering! Enjoy your system!
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