PowerLine for AU/NZ

I was looking at HiFi gear on the local trading site in NZ and spotted this PowerLine cable terminated with NZ/AU connector.

Can anybody confirm this is what the factory original Naim PowerLine looks like for NZ/AU, or is this a modified cable e.g. ex UK then terminated with NZ plug?

Also, do you think this cable would operate and have same advantages of PowerLine cables with Silver Black terminators as per below?

Naim have said before that non UK leads might not perform the same. But non UK leads have the advantage of not being fused. Whether that offsets the loss of the Naim plug or not is irrelevant as there isn’t another one to choose from.

Timbre, it is the NZ/AU official naim powerline. I am not sure whether the plug is fitted in UK or NZ. It is an improvement and a definite upgrade from the standard lead.

IIRC the Tapon plugs for NZ sound really good. If you need more info you should ask Chris Murphy, the Naim distributor.

Gosh, I never knew there was such a thing. Need to look into that then and I’m pretty sure I asked my dealer about whether there was a kiwi version.

@Mike_S I can’t find it on TM any longer. Must have sold.

I have one of these delivering power to 3 double wall connectors at the back of my living room set-up. You can also plug gear straight into them. Not that I experience power cuts etc., but this does deliver stable un-interrupted power, surge protection etc. Worth the expense when running gear like Naim.

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These sorts of things are very likely to degrade the sound on Naim equipment and are best avoided. Dedicated mains with its own consumer unit is the way to go. There are lots of posts about that.

I paid about $450 per Powerline second hand on local internet trading site. Well worth it.

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Hey Mike, what’s the best way for us to get in touch direct mate. Would like to discuss few ideas with you if you don’t mind. Can we connect via Facebook?

Sure, search Facebook for Mike Sullivan, Whangarei.

I think I found you, message sent.

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