Powerline for HiCap DR

Anyone tried powerline on their hicap dr? Any noticeable difference.

The hicap dr is used to power my nac282. My system include 250dr/nDAC/uniti core

It entirely depends on the rest of the system. How much benefit you get will be down to whether the system can show it. If the HCdr is powering an old NAC92 into a NAP90, probably not.

If it is on a 282/250DR system with a suitable source and speakers, yes.

Yup, my hicap dr is feeding into my 282 which is partnered with nap250dr.

And the source?

Some of us even found the PSC benefitted from a powerline and there’s one who will tell you it’s the best place for it.

Tried my one throughout the system. Assumed it was better on the ire but I came back to putting it on the 200.

Yes I have used a Powerline on a HCDR which was used on a 282 and then on a Headline. You can hear the difference. It was a nice addition but only when I did everything did the change really snap into place. For me they make the sound a bit more mature.

Use two Powerlines here, one on the 250DR one on the HiCAP DR, both seemed to make subtle improvements. I purchased both second hand so feel their cost was worth it but would be harder to justify if purchased new. Like most cables, I would use them as a final tweek once you have everything else sorted out. If you have other components that are holding you back, it is typically a better recommendation to upgrade them first (unless its a good deal on a second hand piece).

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