Powerline for linn lingo 4

Hi all, recently tried a full fat powerline on my superline supercap and quite happy with the result. Was wondering if another powerline would benefit a linn lingo 4, was wondering if anyone has tried.
thanks, Mario.

Why not move the one you already have to the Lingo? Then you will know.

that would negate the improvement it’s making there, I’m greedy and want more of what I have just got. I was wondering if it would have an effect on a turntable motor.

True, but you could remove it from the superline, evaluate the system, and then plug the HL into the Lingo PS and listen for differences.


In engineering term, it is called debugging or troubleshooting.

yeah but you would have thought someone on here would have tried it already. Yes I’m a bit over leaning over my fraims and pushing the IEC socket till I’m blue in the face.

Tried one on a Lingo 2 and a couple of titan cables… non of them made any real difference, so just bought more vinyl instead much better value.

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Didn’t like power line on my Radikal. Made the sound brighter, don’t ask me how or why, it just did. Kept stock power cord.



I can’t remember what a Powerline was like on my Lingo 1, possibly brighter as you say. Ought to try again on the Radikal.

I do know that I don’t really like a Powerline on a wirelworld matrix as everything sounds a bit bright/thin afterwards but I think that’s the Powerline showing up the multi-socket extension.

As other have said it should be fairly simple to remove the Powerline from the system, get used to it and then try with/without on the Lingo 4.

The operative word is ‘should’. Increasingly of late I’m finding it harder to hear differences when changing/comparing system components/leads etc - if in doubt it’s not good enough to justify.

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