Powerline lite

What audible improvements do these power cables bring? Are they effective in all pieces of Naim equipment or better suited to specific uses ie. CD or power supply?

Pretty well across the board. When my SC arrived I already had a full fat PL so put the PL lite on my Nat 05, increased soundstage, fuller bass, improvement all round.



I have my two in the NDX & Supernait PSU’s.
They replaced Supra 1.5mm, not sure they improved anything as the Supra & the plugs I had on both ends were pretty good quality, but for sure they are just as good & a lot easier to dress (hide & manipulate)

I’ve had good results on all boxes with PLLs. Particularly PSUs which gave the biggest improvement.

Interesting. My CD, NDX and NAP200 DR are on a 3 head Hydra so I’ll use the Powerline Lite for the PSU

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