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I know the Powerline plug in the US is different from the UK powerline plug. The UK plug is developed by Naim where as the US plug is not. Is it possible to use the UK powerline in the US by simply using a UK power block with a US adapter? Say the power block had a US lead with UK sockets?

It’s perfectly possible so long as it’s legal in the US. U.K. leads to U.K. block and US lead from block to wall.

I do something similar in France with the system I moved out there. UK cables and block with a French plug on its lead. The plugs on the Naim power leads are MKs and a Crabtree in this case.
I’ll have to get round to fitting French compatible plugs and get a suitable block if only to hear what eliminating the plug fuses will do. Do you think I should take a tip from Peder on which plugs or use what Naim use? I gather @Peder has a Linn system so I’m inclined to be a little wary of his findings. I’d certainly want the earth pin sockets in the block so live and neutral can’t be swapped.

I think one point that isn’t clear is whether the OP is asking because they are moving to the US or because they think the UK plug us better and will sound better.

In the latter case, you’re better off buying a US PowerLine. Any benefit of the UK plug is largely negated by having adapters in the way. Not to mention the UK plug might be better but the Furutech plug used in the US is very decent and isn’t fused.

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:small_blue_diamond:@Yeti,.Now it’s Naim,as well as a tube-amp system that I’m running.
Much earlier,.also Linn.
But we test in different Naim, Linn and tube-systems.
Sometimes also in a Lejonklou-system.

It is also systems from other brands,.which we have access to.
The size of the differences on,.for example powercables,can vary a little between different brands to which they are connected to.

But the ranking between these powercables is usually the same

:small_blue_diamond:@feeling_zen,…What Furutech model-number has the plug that sits on the US-Powerline.?


To be honest it’s not that I think one plug might be better than the other. However, I travel quite frequently and it’s interesting to see the price differences on different products throughout the world. If I can get a Powerline with a UK plug for about $400 less than in the US with a US plug that’s quite the savings over a system. For example if I used the Titan Styx block I could chose the UK sockets and purchase a US lead which would cut out any adapters.

Not quite sure of the question but AV Options has Naim Tibia Deep Cryo cables in stock and can probably answer your questions. They don’t have Powerlines for some reason. I think they are pretty solid for both advice and product.

AV options has Powerlines. Both Cryo and non. They are on a service price list at the bottom.

From the AV Options price list here: “POWERLINE Powerline AC Cable $995.00”

FI-11M. The most basic low cost one. But it’s no nonsense and solid. From their pro-audio range rather than their audiophile range. I personally find the cost performance of their pro audio stuff miles better. A fraction of the cost for 90% of the performance.

As the OP travels a lot, I think this complicates things. Yeah if a UK one is cheaper and the OP will be in the UK sometimes it makes sense. Plugs used in the UK must be fused so that leaves no other choices.

But Naim gear is not multi voltage. You need to have the gear sent to Naim each time you move to a totally different voltage region for conversion.

What I mean by traveling is I come across different gear that I may or may not be able to use in the US. My main Naim gear that is 120V is staying in the US. I’m just trying to figure out if there would be any reason I couldn’t use a UK Powerline in the US as long as I had the correct socket.

For example, I have a 220V Atom that I use abroad. I still use a lead with it that has a US standard plug into a 220V socket that accepts US, UK, and EU plugs.

A Naim Powerline with US plug is $995. I can get UK Powerline for $600. Multiplied by 4 that’s a nice chuck of change.

Given that it’s price that is motivating primarily, I suggest buying ‘gently used’ Powerlines here in the States. They come up for sale, at only a little more than half MSRP. That’s how I would go if I were you! Reach out to some of the bigger dealers; you’ll find some.

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