Powerline Upgrade

I am looking at upgrading to a PL on my 272. My question though is how I make best use of limited dedicated mains. I have just 1 X Double Socket:

Double Socket 1 - Plan is I will power the 272 with a PL from here

Double socket 2 - Currently has a surge protected 4 block which powers Nap 200, Unitiserve, Sonos Connect and Ethernet Router

Questions - Does my 272 need to go through a surge protector? Or do I look at getting a mains surge protector fitted. (I have had a power outage that damaged my UnitieServe but that’s another story)

Is there any benefit of putting a PL on my NAP 200 going into the 4 block, given the 4 block extension will be the weak link?

I know the ultimate is to have another mains double, or quadruple socket fitted - Any tips on management of SWMBO to achieve this…?

Take the surge protector out of the house completely, if you want your Naim to perform at it’s best.

Thanks Count, replace with just a good quality 4 block or is there someone else I can use?

I agree with the Count, take your surge protector out.
Your UntiServe was most likely damaged because of a power cut whilst it was read/writing, this is a risk with any server with HDD, it’s nothing to do with a power surge (a rise in voltage)
There are (I have) devices called a UPS that instantly switches a small 12v battery into provide a temporary 230vAC to allow a managed/soft server shutdown & to protect against this kind of failure.

Re power for your various box’s, I would go for a quality 4 or 6 way power block - search the forum & www for recommendations according to your budget

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Put the Serve, Sonos and router on the ring main and use the two sockets of the dedicated mains for the 272 and 200.

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… !!! sorry @VintageMike I re-read your original post & yes HH’s suggestion (above) is the one that makes sense, its the obvious best way to do this. But the Sonos Serve & Router still don’t need a surge protector

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thanks both

@hungryhalibut @Mike-B - Noted how you both answered the easy questions and dodged management of SWMBO…:joy:

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I’ve found promises of making it so much neat & tidy works best with cables.

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There’s probably no benefit to another pair of sockets at the moment. The two Naim boxes are as close electrically as you can get them using HH’s suggestion and the rest are best remote from those. If you expand in future add a multi-block without surge protection or even a neon and try all main system boxes into that, experiment with plug order then, in fact you could try the 272 and 200 either way round in the double socket, they’re rarely symmetrical inside so there might be a difference and it might have an outside chance of being audible.

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You’ll have to try the options, but my gut instinct is to use the dedicated mains for all boxes and not separate half onto the ring mains. I would put the powerline on 272 as you say and use a high quality block for the rest. If you could get a block that could use or be adapted to use a powerline in the future, all the better.

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What you really need is a Musicworks G3 with a sparkly bottom with the plugs in the order on their crib sheet. Made a big difference to my set up and I can’t have a dedicated mains.

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The reason for my advice is to keep SMPS supplies away from the Naim. Your suggestion does not achieve that and I’d guide the OP away from it. No harm in trying though.

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Strangely, plugging my 272 and 300 into the G3 sounded better than directly into the twin wall sockets on the end of my mains spur. That said, for what it costs the OP could virtually afford a used XPSDR.

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Yes keeping the amps supplies is a good idea, but it depends on how much they’re affecting the Naim compared to being fed by a dirty supply.

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thanks @hungryhalibut @Count.d @TonyK

Really helpful suggestions. I am going to try the 272 and 200 into the dedicated Double Socket.

I’ll get rid of the surge protector and replace initially with a non-surge mains block for the US, Sonos and Switch and go from there.

I’ll google the musicworks G3 and have a look.

I am actually hankering after my next upgrade - but want to sort these fundamentals first before I start spending more serious money on the next box. That will be an audition afternoon at my local dealer and the subject of a future post to draw-up the short list…

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