Powerlines vs Extension question

I have 2 boxes (272 & 250 dr) and 2 powerlines. I also have 2x 2 sockets in the wall. Do I plug the 2 powerlines into a socket each and then run the other 8 AV devices from extensions in the other 2 sockets, or should I buy some decent (Russ Andrews, for example) extensions from one of the sockets and plug the powerlines into them? Ie will that be better than straight into the wall for sound quality?

Also been demoing an XPR DR and it keeps blowing fuses plugging into the mains via a powerline so I’m trying to find a solution for that too…

Your first suggestion sounds fine.

XPS fuses - Check you have the powerline firmly plugged into the IEC socket on the back of the XPS. It needs a firm push to make it seat properly.

You need Type C breakers in the consumer unit to avoid the power supply tripping the mains.

Thanks HH, I should’ve been clearer, it keeps blowing fuses in the XPR. We’ve done 3 so far across 2 sessions…so something’s not right. I know the XPR can go through fuses, but this isn’t practical enough or workable.

If you’ve checked the Powerline is seating properly, then make sure when you switch on the XPS you give the switch a quick firm push. A slow push can make it blow its fuse. One other thing to check is are the replacement fuses the correct slow blow type ?

The only time my XPS (rather than XPR) blew a fuse is when I disconnected the Burndy from the 272 before the capacitors had discharged fully. It’s best to wait a few minutes. It seems very possible that the Powerline is not fitted properly, as James suggests. Try using a standard lead and see if it makes a difference. But if you are testing the XPS by adding and then removing it, I suspect you are doing everything too fast.

When assessing these upgrades it’s a good idea to connect it all up and just using it for a few days. Then remove it and see if you miss it. Remember also that the equipment takes a while to come on song, so if you only try it for short bursts it won’t ever reach its potential.

Really good feedback re the capacitors - thank you.

Yes it’s an XPS (not an XPR - D’oh) and initially it was being turned off and on fairly fast to do A/B testing, but once we’d gone through those fuses it went away and came back and we couldn’t get it to come on at all without blowing the 2 fuses it came with - so we’ll try the normal cable next time in case the powerline wasn’t being fitted properly.

Just bought two powerlines for supernait 3 and NDX2, I live in the UK. Do I need to check the fuses on the plug sockets or are they good to go? Thanks. Definitely had a change in sound thus far, noticeable increase in bass when I plugged the SN3 in…

Also considering getting an XPSDR. Have 4 plugs but with the tv/WiFi/tvamp/turntable etc running out of plugs. Have the 2 powerlines directly plugged in to the wall at the min. The XPSDR should I get should also be plugged direct right? May also get a hicap. Guess I’ll need a large multi plug for everything else. What’s the best extension mutliplugs for naim?

(Sorry longwinded i know)

The XPS2 is a bit picky about its fuses - they need to be exactly the same make and type as supplied by Naim, and even then you may still find that one might blow every 1 in 10 switch ons, depending on tolerance.

If you get an XPS the NDX2 will no longer be plugged in. You really don’t want the TV, WiFi etc on the same socket. With kit at this level you should be looking at dedicated mains.


I didn’t realise that, thanks! Thought I’d need to buy another powerline so that’s good news :+1:t3:

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