Powerquest not switching on?

Someone an idea? Shut down the power of my Powerquest netfilter because I rearranged my setup. However with switching back in, even with resetting the Powerquest, I get no power. Lights remain off. Tried another wall socket but that is not the issue.

I can answer myself :). Audioquest confirmed that a serie of those Powerquest 2 products suffers from this problem due to a resistor inside which is too light. It can easily be fixed by them so I will send it over today. Case closed.

Do you really need this unit - it looks like some sort of surge protection ?

It filters out some distortion as well.

It looks very dubious and designed more for AV. I certainly wouldn’t let it near my Naim. I suspect you’d benefit far more with a dedicated mains feed reserved for the Hifi, with computer stuff such as switches on a different circuit.

You can use it for tv indeed but it is not really intended for AV. Indeed i use it only for my audio and power supplies. I use other sockets directly in the wall for other things

As HH says, I’d be tempted to try it without and see what you think.

For safety?

I suppose my question was why do you need it for the Hi-Fi ? Naim kit tends to work better without these things. Do you have problems with your mains supply or did the dealer recommend using this ?

Really? And everyone seems to use some kind of mains block at this forum. This thing works as mains block and filter at once. Before I put the power directly into wall sockets. I was told at forums and a dealer that a filter between is better

If you need to use a mains block then use one. Filtered / surge protected versions tend to not work well with Naim kit.

Anyway just a suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would suggest that you try a mains block with no filters, surge protectors, LEDs etc. and compare it to the one you have. Unless you are clear about what problem you have I see little point in trying to solve it, but there’s no substitute for a proper trial and most retailers are happy to let you home demo this type of accessory.

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Basically, unless you mains is a total nightmare, filters usually do more harm than good, sitting on the sound and making everything flat and dull. Dealers sometimes suggest a filter is a good idea, probably so they can make some money.

If you have a NAS it’s always a good idea to plug it into an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) which protects it from brief power outages. It’s a big battery that will keep things running happily. As for the hifi, just plug it into the wall, ideally using a dedicated mains circuit.

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As often…surprising answers here from experienced and more ‘technical’ Naim users. Cheers! I will give it a go…trial and listen.

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you can find interesting reviews of the audioquest powerquest3 on internet. Some are rather technical with astonishing result. Such gear has no sense at all - lost money.

Made me think about buying a netfilter (even other brands) or not, so now standing with both feets on the ground.

Let us know what you find :+1:

Why does it have no sense?

Technical reviews revealed that the PowerQuest 3 does nothing for our “audio performance” and don’t confirm the brand own claims.

So investment of money in such gear to uplift audio performance has no sense.

As hungryhalibur mentionned, just plug your hifi into the wall. When really going high into hifi high end stuff, working on a separate and dedicated electric circuit should work out better with a cost corresponding to the hifi gear you own.

Thanks. I have leds and solar panels and a wallbox. But why would you not plug the power amp in? I have an integrated amp which i plug into the Powerquest. And the PS as well.

I only have 2 Naim boxes, the rest is non Naim PS , ethernet switch and DAC