Pre-amp output confusion (probably a daft q!) [solved - it was!]

I’ve just acquired a Concert AVR-7 which has pre-amp outputs - but I’m confused by them:
Screenshot 2020-09-21 at 18.49.01

How do I get Left, Centre, Right out of these? Essentially, there are 7.1 outputs, but only single terminals - I’d expected L/R signals for all of them. What am I missing?

It has to be that these connectors are stereo and go into standard RCA ones? What are these called?

If these are numbered:
1, 2, 3, 4 top row
5, 6, 7, 8 bottom row
1 and 5 are the left and right channels either side of your tv
3 is the centre channel
2 and 6 are the surround channels left and right of your sofa
4 and 8 are the “behind” channels
7 is your sub


yes, got that, but the power amp needs left.right for each channel - what connector do I need to get that from the pre-amp?
i.e. if I plug in an RCA to the pre, I only have left (or right) for the power amp…

You use standard rca phono leads. They are all mono signals. Take L and R (1 and 5) to the power amp that drives your L and R speakers (assuming that’s a 2 channel stereo amp), and so on.

ah ok - got it now - had confused myself by looking at the wrong part of my old amp to connect leads into as well, which suggested they needed a red and a black - but they don’t…

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