Pre-amp with Uniti 2

Can you place a preamplifier between a uniti 2 and a NAP 300

A quick look at a pic shows a line out which I would assume is intended for such a connection - have you checked the manual? If you don’t have the manual it can be found on Naim’s website. BTW if you want to attract more responses it might be better to ask @Richard.Dane (the forum’s moderator) to change the title of the thread to reflect the subject.

Why do you need a pre-amp ?

Riccardo, I’ve changed the title for you.

Do you already have these two? It’s an odd pairing. That’s a lot of power amp to be fed from a Uniti2!

As for the question, the NAP300 requires a Pre-amp. The pre-amp, hierarchically being the more senior of the pre/power pairing, should be of similar or higher ranking to the power amp, so at least a NAC252, better a NAC552.

And source-wise, while a Uniti 2 will work, it’s also far from ideal. You need a source that’s appropriate here. Think along the lines of a source at the level of CDSx/CD555/NDS/ND555.

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As an improvement on the built in preamp in the uniti 2

You’ll need a much better source too - see my post above.

Sorry, it’s a 250dr not 300

If the Uniti has the functionality you need you might like to consider swapping the Uniti2 for a 272. The combination with 250 works well.

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To answer your question, yes, there is a line out on the Uniti2. So you can use the Uniti2 as a network streamer and DAC into a preamp. Though with a 250, using the pre-out of the Uniti2 would be pretty reasonable?

That’s why i asked why the OP needed a pre-amp for this setup as it has a pre-amp out connection. The 272 suggestion is good, or if the OP hasn’t looked at the 250 yet and still wants a single box, perhaps a Nova would be a possibility.

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