Pre to Power Attenuator Cable

I find the available volume range on my 82 pre-amp (when feeding a 250 power amp) is quite small. I rarely listen above 8 o’clock.

I have seen ads, in hi-fi magazines, for attenuator (RCA) plugs that reduce the levels of input into a pre-amp.

I am wondering has anyone tried a similar idea by putting an attenuator in the lead between the pre-amp (DIN) and the power-amp (XLR). If so, does anyone know of a brand that sells such cables.

  1. I’m sure it’s working as intended.
  2. Discussing non-Naim approved mods like this aren’t permitted on the Forum.
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Perhaps one further thought, in addition to @Bart’s comment.
Description of your system, which isn’t on you profile, will gain perhaps some useful pointers from others with similar systems.

Generally, attenuators should be avoided if at all possible, particularly between the pre-amp and the power amp, and especially where the pre and power are carefully matched such as with a Naim pre/power. If you wish to attenuate the incoming signal from the source then by all means do so, although there is usually a small performance penalty.

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Thanks Richard.
I just thought it might be better to introduce attenuation at the pre/power interface rather than the input because the signal is stronger there.
Anyway, following your advice I won’t pursue this idea.

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I have Rothwell source attenuators on the output from my Oppo 205 universal player into a Naim82 and could tell no difference other than level reduction with or without them, works for me.

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I would expect attenuation to make the most sense later in the chain as any distortion will otherwise get amplified further. So add it to the speaker cables? Or am I missing something?

Not a generally good idea to add resistance to the speaker cable.

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