Preamp DR logo

If Discrete Regulator technology is used in Naim preamps, why does the logo not feature on the back as on the power amplifiers? Just wondering.

The DR logo is located on the preamp’s power supply : 552 PS, SuperCap, HiCap. Which makes senses considering the DR tech is used within the power supply.

The NAC 202 is powered from the NAP200DR.

And With the amp

I saw that @Simon-in-Suffolk wrote the below which was why I was asking - I think I misunderstand what he was saying:

the preamps were upgraded when their PSUs were upgraded to DR. This is what makes the preamps such timeless classics.
The 252DR is referring to the DR enabling of its dedicated Bundy SuperCapDR feed, the 552DR refers to its dedicated Bundy 552PSDR feed.
The performance between DR and non DR preamps can be quite marked… arguably the 252DR is one of the biggest changes.

So I guess he meant the difference between the DR and non-DR Supercap when talking about the 252 in the last sentence

Yes, sorry if I wasn’t as clear as I could have been, I was suggesting the 252 going from IC regulation to discrete regulation was a significant change to that preamp. Of course the 252 is powered by its SuperCap which was upgraded to DR.

No problem, thanks. Sure you were clear enough - I’m keen & green, and not afraid to ask questions; tis what the Forum is for in many respects!

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