Preamp? NAP250DR

Big thanks for all these information. I really appreciate.

I knew getting that 250 DR would put me in an unbalance situation and challenge for system balance and box count.

I think I will have a hard time getting away from this power amp. So I will have to work a longer term plan.

I think I will start with adding a temporary budget streamer so I can get away of a few problems with the old Naim platform.
I’ll keep an eye on different solutions for deals like the 72, 82, Atom HE, ND5 XS2, etc and maybe one day a 222.

Even if my setup is not and won’t be fully optimized soon, it’s still a great improvement and it keep getting better.

It’s so much fun enjoying listening sessions. I love it.
Thanks again!!!


That’s exactly the right approach imho. Good luck!

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Nac202 +hicap +Napsc is a good pairing with a NAP250. It will sound very good indeed.

However, even 2nd hand that starts to add up so A Flatcap XS will be fine until you wish to upgrade.


Sounds like you have a good plan with the SU / 250 and adding a buget streamer - the WIM Pro is ideal as a digital source into one of the digital inputs on the SU.

Keep an eye out for a pre-loved 222 which would make a nice system with the 250. You’ll just need a legacy cable (New Classic preamp XLR to legacy NAP250 XLR, PN- 00-010-0247) to connect them.

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I am not much of a streamer so you can take this with a pinch of salt but I have a Bluenote Node which as budget streamers go is very good in my system.

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Saw the thread too late …
First idea … 72/HC… but this was told before.
Very very very good!

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Their best preamp until 52 was released
72 was successor to 32.5, another fantastic preamp from the 80/90’s


Had 72 over 25 years … tiny box of wonders!


In my view you really can’t go wrong with a 272, given the price and versatility it offers. If you buy cheap you will sell cheap too mind, but with an XPS or 555PS it’s very capable.

Bear in mind that you can also grab a cheap streamer, like a WiiM Pro (other streamers are available) to get access to Tidal and Spotify connect and a well functioning app. You can also run Mconnect or BubbleUPnP from your phone and stream HD (Tidal etc or local HDD) to the 272.

Yes indeed it’s still an option that I keep in mind for sure.
I already run Asset, Minimserve and BubbleUPNP on my Raspberry Pi 4. It does work well but sometimes it gets a little unstable. It is still an amazing work around.
But the idea of getting a unit with better actual streaming platform is very appealing. Ex: Atom HE or ND5 XS2. Two different path though.

At same time that little 72 really look awesome. It would be a nice move for a preamp, but I’m concern about the fact that I will loose remote volume control. (Unless I’m wrong ?)
It might look like a small detail, but for me it’s a very important.

I’m keeping a daily look the second hand market. It will influence to some degree my choice. It does have some downside but a good one is that if I don’t like something it’s easy to put it back on the market without notable lost.

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You don’t really have to fret about system imbalance. The driving thot behind having a balanced system is, “Why spend unnecessary funds on a component when you won’t hear the best of it, or won’t be making full use of its capabilities.”
It’s just a matter of getting the best sound for the best price.

If you add a component that is far superior to your other items in a one step at a time upgrade path, it will still add some of its SQ to the mix, but it’s potential won’t be heard until you do some more upgrading.
So, no big deal, otherwise it would be like, darn, I’ve got too much money, or my car is too fast, or my wife is too pretty, or my d**k is too … well you get it. There’s no such thing as there being too good a component of your system.

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As you can see with my NAP setup, it was not really planned to show up in the house. :joy:

If I get serious about this amp as my heart is clearly leading me now, a rack will show up.
(Racks seems to be 2 or 3 inch too big for my little spot on the floor. That’s part of the challenges, but I will find a trick somehow)


That’s right. No remote sorry.

Thanks for the confirmation

Yes, stick to all Naim.

Therefore no don’t get a BS node.

Get a 72 or 82 for the real Naim sound. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

And SBLs.

For a system to be Naim, and budget, and low box count, save space and time, have a remote volume control, and Tidal and Qobuz, and a turntable and streamer, and have imperfect room setup, and sound beautiful is impossible.

Be single minded.


It’s a great preamp, but yes, you’ll lose the remote control and will need a Hicap to power it.

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Well I did a lot of reading on our great Naim forum and also reviews for all the propositions made. Thanks to all again.

Since my path was to probably go Nova ( and I was not planning to get a 250 anytime soon). I totally skipped getting informed on the Atom HE, thinking it was just an Atom with a few headphone connector holes. Mistake…. :slight_smile:

The 72 and 82 look awesome in there old fashion suits and probably sound super great but I’m a lot into streaming and minimal boxe count.

I now see a sound path! A little streamer (Wiim or BS) on the SU until I get the Atom HE.
When the HE comes in the little streamer go down on the Qute with the little Kudos and TV system.

At this point I will have a nice 2 boxes system with the 250. Then I can take all my time to do many sound test with the SU and compare with the HE. (I’m wondering a little about the D2R ribbon brightness in that setup but I’ll see at that point)
Then I will let my ears speak and decide.
(And start pilling up for a 222 as long term plan :wink:)

Once again you all have been great help with your experience and information!! This forum is the best by far. Thanks to all!


Not really a budget solution but I know of two people using the Auralic Vega options straight in to a 250DR with great results. No other preamp.

:open_mouth: :crazy_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Mrox, NAP 250DR is an excellent amp and connected to Proac speakers for long time You will be enjoying listening any music. And what ever You choose “stick” with Naim boxes for sure.

Due to my budget I have the same situation two years ago what to choose. Before make decision I did many demos with different Naim boxes and then asked myself which source will be main. Because I prefer vinyls (70%) then CDs and streaming (30%) I choose N-272 with NAP 300DR and probably for long time I am not going to change anything.

So my suggestion is do some demos and trust Your ears and probably You will choose N-272 with NAP 250DR. Good luck and enjoy Naim system. Rgds, Jeremi