Preamp out wiring on Uniti2 (DIN to RCA)

I want to hook up an external amp to my Uniti2. I bought a REAN 5 pin male connector but there are so many suggestions on how to wire it to two RCA connectors. Could someone help me with left & right by the pin numbers?
Thanks so much!

Hi, what amp do you want to connect? If it’s a power amp you’ll want to use the 4 pin DIN pre out on the Uniti, not 5 pin. If it’s an integrated amp, or a separate preamp, you would use the line out which is RCA.

As Chris says, the Uniti 2 pre-out is a DIN4. If the power amp you wish to use has RCA Phonos then you just need a DIN4-2 x RCA Phono interconnect.

Naim do one, pictured here;

If you want to make one yourself, then the DIN4 output socket on the Uniti 2 is wired the same as the DIN4s (socket 1, 2, or 3) on this HICAP - the rear panel of which shows you which pins are connected;

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Guys, thanks so much. Your answer forced me to blow up the PDF instructions and see that the pre out is not the same as the phono- though they look similar. The pre is a 4 DIN & the phono is 5.
All the best, Nut

Correct, if you follow the pin layout on the little diagram in Richard’s photo it will be correct, or you can but a lead from Naim, or any cable supplier who can wire it as required.

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