Preamp Without phonoboard

Is it fine for me to plug out the phonoboard from my preamp and use the phono input as it is? Because I’m currently using my computer straight into that input

Which preamp seems we talking about here? It’s normally fine to remove phono boards but if you want to then use that input at line level you’ll need link boards - NA326 for the shoe-box pres and NA526 for the big box pres.

It is the naim nac 62

Ok, so NA326 link boards required. Also try to avoid BNC adaptors, instead use proper 50ohm BNC plugs at the preamp end.

Darn, that would be difficult to find in Malaysia, the NA 326 link board. Why do I need to avoid BNC adaptor?

BNC Adaptors reduce performance. That can break down and get noisy too.

If no link boards, you can make link leads quite easily with cartridge tags. Your dealer may be able to make something suitable. Otherwise, It’s a bit outside of forum AUP so you might want to have a further look elsewhere online.

Ah alright, thank you. I think I’ll just switch the inputs with the aux and phono, computer to aux and CD player to rca.

Intrigued as to what connection you’re using between computer and pre.

My computer has the external audio interface. So, I’ll 1/4 inch TRS out of that then go to a balance to unbalanced converter which then exits via RCA then into the preamp. Since I wanna skip the phono board, I’ll switch to the RCA to 5 pin then into the aux input. Then, I’ll let the CD player use the phono input.

You’ll still need to swap phono boards for link boards or links to run a CD player through the phono input - the CD player is also at line level.

Cuz the boards I have is the 328/3 and the 323/2. Currently it is using the 328/3, before me having the set the CD player is plugged into the phono input.

Ah Ok, yes you can use the NA328 boards for either the PC or CD. I would put the best source through the DIN though, as the NA328s were designed to be paired with early CD players, which could sound somewhat harsh and fatiguing, and the 328s tried ameliorate this a little; on a decent modern player they will hold back the full performance potential.

I have the arcam alpha CD player it sounds quite good on the din input. I think I’ll ask the shop that I always go to, and request for them to make the straight link board for me.

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