Preferences NDX 2 in Roon App


I am just new at Roon. What are the optimized preferences in the Roon app for my NDX 2 especially for MQA and for the Master Clock priority?

Thanks for help in advance.

Master Clock Priority is of no use unless your syncing multiple Roon endpoints using RAAT. It just allows one to be the master clock they all sync to, In every day use it does nothing.

For MQA this is really up to you. Naim do not support MQA so you will only get Roons MQA core decode (furst unfold) which will get you to 96/24 or 88.2/24 so not the full MQA experience. Whether you like this result is up to you. I leave the core decoder on as I dont find it an issue and often dont mind it, others turn it off but if you are playing any MQA file then all you are getting is the base MQA file playing at 44.1/24 or 48/24 with no decoding and it may/can sound worse. If you dont want to use MQA at all then you can set the Tidal preferences in Service settings to be HiFi only and not masters and it should stop you seeing them at all.

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