Prefix upgrade

Have a prefix fitted inside lp12 with krystal cart. Was wondering what would be a meaningful upgrade? Running short of space, so stage / super line with separate power supply seems difficult. The prefix is currently powered from 282 but i do have 1 of 2 supplies from a hi-cap2 available which would just need cable and some fiddling.The fc2 powers cd5 so i can’t really replace it with a supply that does just one box. If a new pre is used, i’m guessing the prefix need to be removed?

“ 1 of 2 supplies from a hi-cap2 “
I assume you mean flatcap 2.

If a new pre is a 252 or a 552 they will both be able to power a prefix as will a 52 and do a better job than the 282.

When I was using a 282 (with a supercap) I compared its AUX2 power on a superline to a separate hicap and preferred the AUX2 for its coherence to the extra detail from using the hicap. I’d previously tried to power the SL with a FC 2x when the 282 was on a hicap and quickly reverted to AUX2.

So meaningful upgrade, a supercap for the 282 or a superline from AUX 2. (Ignoring the deck itself)

I wouldn’t bother running the Prefix from the Flatcap2.

As Yeti suggests above, if you’re looking to a new pre-amp then a NAC252 or NAC552 provide an AUX2 feed from dedicated windings on the power supply, which some prefer to even a dedicated Hicap. Otherwise, how old is the Prefix. If it’s a pre RFI upgrade unit, or one with a grey SNAIC lead, then that’s well worth getting updated. Beyond that, I can highly recommend moving to a Superline.

What LP12 power supply are you using? Only reason for question is that with a Krystal, if you had a Radikal, it would be tough to beat an Urika.

@benjy I run my NAIM Pre powered by HCDR, could use the AUX 2 on 252 but chose the HCDR, with Powerline

really happy with the results, can’t see your LP12 on your profile? I also use Lingo 4 which with pre Fix I dont think is far short of Baby radikal to be honest in the demo’s I have heard

the budget for me is a difficult one only Keel, and then Ulricka and full Radikal?

I am really happy, no delighted with my LP12 at the moment, my electronics are storted so only really the sources to look at

enjoy the journey

I’m planning on keeping the 282. The linn is lingo2. What i was wondering was what would be a reasonable upgrade for the prefix. I did not want to go as far as a superline and separate power - not just because of price ,but space. I was wondering about (hopefully) smallish one box phono pre- (I assume the prefix can be bettered). Probably a wishful case of overkill, but has anyone heard fmacoustic 122? thnx

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