Premier League 2024-2025

Let’s start with a small bit of news or gossip

Great news for us. The Squatters are agreeing to a new long term contract with Troy Tempest ! Yee-hah !!!

“VAR is very, very, bad. It’s NOT FAIR”

More Captain Black than Troy Tempest.
image image

Spot the difference.


True :rofl: Scary.

I always remember Troy best.
Clue: Something to do with his name :grin:

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The Premier League have voted 19 to 1 to retain VAR

As in Very Annoying Replays

Or, to those of us that attend PL matches:

Very Absent Replays


That’s not the problem. Vacuous Arteta Rants are worse.


New Premier League thread that has 6 replies so far 4 of which are about Arteta and Arsenal.

Crystal Palace have signed a record two year shirt sponsorship deal with a Vietnamese Betting company that was created in Dec 2023 was registered in England last week and whose CEO is a dead Tik Tok star.

They are called Net88 try googling them.

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I saw that and am v disappointed. I thought Palace were better than taking main sponsorship from betting company :disappointed:

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Chelsea apparently looking at a Palace player with virtually a perma sicknote and a Villa striker who on average scores less than once in every five games. Form.


You’ve clearly learnt a trick or two from Norwich.

Our signings are usually spotted by an ambulance, rather than a new Ferrari, in the players car park.

If we had a striker that scored every five games we fans would be in seventh heaven!


The more shocking thing about this sponsorship deal is that the company offering £10 million + to Palace have no staff, no social media accounts, no website to speak off and literally didn’t exists 6 months ago.

Equally dodgy are Wolves’ new shirt sponsor who are also Vietnamese and where registered in the UK at the exact same time and date as Net 88 Palace’s sponsor.

Called DeBet this Asian online betting company are described as being Wolves’ biggest ever partner to date even bigger than their previous sponsor another Asian online betting company called wait for it W88.

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I am astounded- the transfer window hasn’t even opened yet and J-Lo’s Massive Euro Cup Winning Cockney Bastards have already signed a Brazilian wonder kid in Guilherme. I do hope he works out.

Sums up all that’s wrong with the Premier League.

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Excellent, long may it continue…the excitables and Captain Black…only joking Bob :sunglasses:

At Palace we were previously sponsored by W88. There should be an outright ban on any betting sponsorship of football. It is literally destroying lives


Olise is great but he has poppadom legs. When he joins you he will spend a lot of time off injured. Thanks for the £60m +

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Totally agree with you,


Fabian Hürzeler becomes new Brighton manager,

He’s officially the youngest manager in Premier League history — 31 years old, born in February 1993.

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