Price Rise Sept 22

Just seen a Facebook post from a UK Naim dealer saying prices are going up 1 Sept 2022.

Is that correct?

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Better get the statement ordered :lying_face:


This makes me super glad we took our dealer up on the offer of an NDX2 he happened to have available when we ordered our 252.

On the other hand it might push the 555 out a bit (if true).

Kudos went up 14% earlier this year I think. With supply chain challenges and current general cost increases plus rampant inflation what do we think the next naim rise will be? 10%, 15%, 20%…

p.s. the only facebook post I can find mentioning 1st September is Martin’s HIFI from 2020!! Which dealer posted this…

I was browsing dealer websites here in Canada a few days ago. I noticed the NDX 2 had gone up steeply in price, since I had bought mine in May of 2020.

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Have found a copy and some prices have gone down Atom from £2699 down to £2499 & Muso.

It’s effective 1st September. Some U.K. prices are up (but it appears not by much), some remain the same and some are down. According to Naim It reflects “persistent fluctuation in costs across the business coupled with the changing economic landscape”.


“some” and “not by much”…

Great effort by naim in the current climate, when other vendors are choosing “all” and “a lot” :smile:

I have a new found respect for small vendors like naim after discussion with my dealer who told me some of the things they have had to cope with due to the pandemic, supplier issues and general covid/geopolitical madness.


I thought Naim were a manufacturer, not vendor.

They are, hence any retail pricing is a recommendation which allows the retailer enough margin to sustain their business and be able to offer a suitable level of support to customers.


Looking at the new price list, I am unable to see crossovers listed. Does this mean that these have now been deleted from the range?

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News like this makes me glad that I got to my end game with the Naim kit last December.


It doesn’t seem that long ago that NAIM last put their prices up. It’s the way of the world, these days I’m afraid; Chord put their prices up in the UK yesterday.

It’s a tough world, with so many factors out of manufacturers control, not only in the world of audio products.

I get the feeling that many jump into the price increase game even if there is no reason for it these days since we all accept the reasons laid out for it.

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I calculated the price increase here in Canada over last year. It is 14.69%.

I am really happy I bought all of my last Naim pieces before the price increase.


Brexit, COVID, that Russian f**kwit.

Welcome to 2022 !


I think they became “special order” some time ago

Yes, they became special order….

The great shame is this is a faceless organisation,it should not be Richard fielding the inevitable questions.:disappointed_relieved:


Richard - is this increase just for the UK or across the board in all markets? I want to purchase an Atom in Italy however did not plan on it until October.


For those that want a copy, search for “naim price list 2022 September” and select the one on Signals website

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Gregg, I don’t - a question best answered by Naim, or by your distributor. However, I do know that when Naim changes their recommended UK retail prices then export pricing for distributors often follows suit soon thereafter. Of course, whether a distributor then changes their pricing is down to them. These changes are pretty small, all told, so maybe they won’t bother. As I say, best check with your distributor.