Primary earth on Nordost QB8

I have just installed a Nordost QB8 on a all Naim system. Nordost advice is to put preamp on “primary earth” socket, amp on “QB8” socket and the principal source close to the AC. Naim advice is to switch one source on “ground”. Isn’t there a conflict between both recommendations and within an all Naim system, shouldn’t we plug the principal source (in my case a PS555DR that powers the NDS) switched on ground on the primary earth socket? Did anybody compare various possibilities. I do not have “secondary” sources but I plugged Napsc, Uniti Core and Cisco switch opposite to the AC. Any recommendation?

I also use a Nordost QB8 in my system. When I originally bought it, because I live in an apartment building, I had a 272/Xpsdr/250DR. I had the XPSDR plugged into the primary earth socket (for the preamp) and the 250 plugged into the one next to it. I did not experiment with different sockets however. I have since traded the 272/250 on an NDS, so the XPSDR now powers it, and the other powerline (from the 250) was moved to my Core. Other components plugged in are Mscaler, TT2 and one speaker from XD 600’s. My noise floor is like a black hole, not sure any of this helps you, maybe try switching them around to see if you hear a difference. I live in Canada, so our wiring might differ from yours.

I would recommend contacting Nordost themeselves about this.
Naim have a different take of “earth” and “ground” outside the specifics of the Nordost handling of a general system.

Hello, I did compare both options. My conclusion is to follow Nordost advice, in which case I perceive a lower noise floor. Best

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