PRINCE..We Said Goodbye

Jehovah’s Witness…Prince

This I did not know…
Prince became a Jehovah’s Witness in 2001,.he went around and “knocked door” to try to spread his religious beliefs.

Think that it knocks on the door,.and when you open,Prince stands in front of one :stuck_out_tongue:.


Apparently according to the producer of the show, there was no rehearsal. Prince just turned up and asked to do the last solo. Sort of felt sorry for Mike Mann who did the Eric Clapton solo,s note for note perfectly, then Prince blows them all away. Some of the looks from Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and Dhani Harrison are priceless.

:small_blue_diamond:Raw Talent,.and therefore he is very missing,.in all cases by me.


:small_blue_diamond:@GraemeH,.It’s more than brilliant.

Prince Solo is from,.as you say 3.30 and the rest of the song…several minutes.
:rose:It’s completely,.utterly incredibly brilliant.

He completely takes over the entire song,.Wow which artist.
You who have not listened,.and looked at this,will repent of your rest of life.



The ego is strong with this one, obviously, but brilliant because of it/in spite of that/regardless.

But the comment on YouTube was the icing on the cake - ‘I bet Prince’s guitar needed a cigarette after that’, haha! :slight_smile:




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