Private Beatles Museum - featured on Parlogram Auctions

“Private Beatles Museum Tour - The Rarest Vinyl & Memorabilia In The World”

Well worth checking out Andrew’s latest Youtube video featuring a French collectors personal museum dedicated to the Fabs. I thought I had quite a few Beatles records and books. Er, no, not compared to this collection! As he states, it features possibly “the best collection of Beatles vinyl in Europe”. It really is quite something! A few screen grabs…


Just had a friend send me this link. Very envious. Must purchase a lottery ticket this evening.

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It really is amazing isn’t it. That’s why I popped the screen shots up, as the breadth of items almost defies description. Andrew must have needed smelling salts as he wandered around the collection. Breathtaking range of rare records and memorabilia, all items beautifully presented too.


Episode 1 featuring more from this extraordinary collection is now available on the Parlogram TY channel, focusing on US and Canadian rare vinyl…

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