Prix Europe 2020 for Sound Liaison engineer Frans de Rond

Nice to see that this great engineer is getting some recognition:

"Sound Liaison engineer wins PRIX EUROPA 2020

In the liner notes for our DXD sampler ‘The Visual Sound’, I praised Frans de Rond’s ability to…‘create a sound like a three dimensional Van Gogh painting, where you can step in and take a look around.’
I am happy to announce that Frans exquisite craftsmanship has now been acknowledged with the prestigious PRIX EUROPA 2020
for Best European Radio Music Programme of the Year with
‘Making an Opera’, a program Frans made with Stef Visjager.

Here are a few quotes from the Jury report:
“Very well narrated and edited, told with enthusiasm and drama.“
“A very special and highly appealing tone.”
“ The music mixed together with what is happening, it’s exceptional!“
There is a fine opportunity to listen to how Frans…“is able to create a sound stage that projects an almost visual image of the musicians. A sound stage which is intimate but also has depth and space” as our Winter Stacking Sale is still ongoing. "

Source Facebook

Yes, these guys know what they are doing. Their music is not what I normally would listen to, despite that I have a few albums of them which I like to listen to for the quality of the recording.

They seem to be very approachable as well. A friend of mine makes recordings as a hobby and send them some questions and they are in good contact since.

Yes, and they responded very quickly when I had an issue with a download( entirely my own fault) but Frans de Rond personally helped me out. Actually quiete amazing that he took the time to do so.

Well deserved award, and yes they (Frans) sure do know what they’re doing.
My latest favourite is Carmen Gomes Inc., ‘Up Jumped The Devil‘

At Sound Liaison it’s a team; engineer Frans de Rond and producer Peter Bjórnild;
but I only had interaction with Frans.

Yes I’m very aware of how the cmpy works. My contact has been predominantly with Frans on technical subjects.

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me too…amazing that he took the time to help me out that one time.

I was the other way, I was helping him out

well deserved price indeed.
We need to help those small labels as much as we can.
If we don’t watch out everything is going to be Sony music and various streaming sites with more Sony music. So thanks Mike, for your contribution.

I agree with you there. You have a point.

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