Pro-ject DS2 Phono stage - anyone any experience

Hi All
I’ve the chance to pick up a new Pro-ject DS2 Phono stage at a good discount. Note this is not the Tube or USB model, just the straight forward MC/MM phono stage. I think this currently sits between the S2 Ultra and the RS ranges.

I can’t find any independent reviews of this model at all. I’d appreciate any experience anyone has with this model. I’m pretty well aware of the alternatives in the price range (circa £250), but wonder if the Pro-Ject might be competative. This will sit in a second system and feed a Uniti Atom driving my lifelong companions - a pair of B&W DM1600 stand mounts.

Primarily MM use planned but you never know. Initially Ortofon 2M Blue but may step up to a FL/ML or Shibata profiled cartridge. The Turntable is a stock Pro-ject Evo Carbon. I’d value rounded performance, and 3 dimensional presentation (consummate to the cartridge) over clinical precision. Should say I’ve a return option so I may give it a go anyway but just curious what to expect.

Cheers - Mike

I’ve the option to return if the

Hello friend.
I used the DS2 for about 2 years & the DS2 tube version for about 3 months (demo unit).
For my taste, both of them sounded too lean & clinical with lack of bass.
I ended up with the Goldnote ph-1 which for the money is exceptional & after 1,5 year i traded for the Goldnote ph-10.

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Thanks for that insight - exactly what I was after info wise. I don’t think it’s the phono amp for me, the lack of glowing reviews was a bit of a give away.

That’s a fairly good indication. I suspect most reviewers only publish the good ones.

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