Proac DT8

I auditioned the Proac DT8 this week and there was lots to love about this speaker. I loved the bass, the detail and openness and the soundstage is huge. However I did find them a tad forward. I heard them with an Hegel H90. The forwardness / brightness is currently making me doubt to go for it.

Has anyone heard this in combination with a Naim Uniti Atom or another Naim amp?
I really want to like this speaker as there is so much to like in the sound so does anyone have some experience to share regarding this speaker and regarding my points of criticism?

The shop I went to for the demo doesn’t have a lot of amps since it is not a traditional hifi shop but more of a b2b shop. Therefor there isn’t a possibility to listen to different amps. I am in the Netherlands and that is one of the few shops that actually has the DT8 ready to demo. I see on youtube they often pair it with Sudgen A21 amp’s. However I really like the Uniti Atom so I am wondering whether that is a good combination too.

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