Proac Tablette 10 or Neat Motive SX2

Basically, I think your speakers are turning the cabinet into a speaker too. I would want them on stands, or wall brackets.


I suspect much of the issue is that cabinet. It’s effectively a big echo chamber beneath the speakers. I’m sure it’s full of stuff but is there any way to get rid of it? If you could put the Naims on a proper stand such as a Quadraspire Q4, and your speakers on decent stands you’d find a huge improvement I’m sure. You can pick up Quadraspire secondhand, and some decent stands such as Custom Design FS 104 Signature for about £230. The stands would be suitable for the Tablettes if you order the version with the smaller top.

Having seen Chris’s post above, I see the same idea of the echo chamber. It’s worth adding that the two Naims may be entry level in Naim world, but they are fantastic components in their own right. If you get the ProAcs or Neats, or keep you own speakers, you have the makings of a brilliant system. Get it set up properly and you’ll be amazed. You could try removing the cupboard and placing the speakers on two wooden chairs to get a taste of what could be achieved.

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Crikey, that’s not good! :hushed:

I know it may feel like a bit of a goose chase here for you at the moment, but it’s all good, tried and trusted advice, you will be rewarded once your system is installed as recommended.

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Sound improves significant . !


Now try the blocks beneath the stools.

Can the storage unit go entirely? Maybe somewhere else in the room.

Or if the blocks are not big enough, try no blocks.

This fun! SQ is getting better and better.


The storage unit will leave the room. It was ad clear as plain day-light the cause… It’s to heavy to move by myself but as soon as my son is around it had to go

That’s great. A proper set of speaker stands - you want them about 60cm tall - and a decent rack for the Naim boxes, will work wonders.

I’m so pleased we have been helpful here. I’m most impressed with your speed at trying things out.

Of course, if you go for the Neats they won’t need any stands. The Tablettes are sensitive to their stands and you need something good to get the best from them.


I’m so happy with the result thanks to forum-members(hip). The Sq is perfect to me (result in a few hours) and will probably even be better when I have a decent rack and good stands. Thanks everybody!!!


Hi Eddie

This thread beautifully illustrates that getting good sound is about more than just buying the right boxes. If you want to keep your present speakers, then moving your storage unit (assuming that’s possible), getting proper stands and experimenting with positioning will help greatly.

If you are still thinking of changing, do bear in mind that there are other speaker brands than Proac or Neat which work well with Naim and might be easier to audition. One possible choice would be Focal. The Chora 806 (standmounts) or 826 (floorstanders) are currently included in a bundle with the Atom, whose amp section is supposedly based on the Nait 5si, but lower power. The slightly pricier Arias are also recommended by Naim. I stress I have not heard them and am not a fan of their larger speakers, but it’s a Naim-approved combination so might be worth a try.


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Tablette 10 in a middle to large room, they are simply too small for this task IME, I’d choose Motive or Kudos X if you can accommodate the space these need.

Great news man! You have a great system already, it’d be a shame to not hear it at it’s best. Indeed, a dedicated rack such as the Quadraspire EVO 4 already mentioned and some decent speaker stands will really help things tick along nicely. Also making sure your power cables are kept separate, away from your signal cables, which should dangle freely, with no torsion or stress on the connecting plugs. All will be well from here on in. :+1:

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This looks like it’s made from plywood, which is probably part of the problem, as well as the size. Nearly all loudspeakers and equipment supports are made from MDF instead of plywood (with some notable exceptions) so I suspect that if you choose a replacement unit carefully you can still have a piece of furniture there.
It’s probably best for room acoustics if that space is left empty, but that is not always a practical option in a living space.

I removed the dresser! Sounds even better now.

I also started a new topic on Custom Design stands and asked a quotation for a Podium Slimline Rack from Hifi Racks. More improvement to come!


Chario speakers are not well known in the UK, and downwards firing ports on standmounts are a little unusual. So I would consider asking the speaker manufacturer for advice about stands rather than any HiFi stand manufacturers.

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My advice here is to forget the Podium Slimline. I bought one once and it was dreadful. It gives a slow leaden sound and it’s impossible to get the legs tight and still keep them square on to the shelves. It’s a heavy thing and heavy is not really a good idea for equipment racks. Of course, the manufacturer will say it works well, but it doesn’t. Racks all sound different. Of those I’ve tried, Quadraspire is very good, well made and nice and light. The bamboo variant sounds better but costs a little more.

I went for the looks of the HiFiRacks and there’s a dealer nearby, but if it’s a bad choice I have to look for something else. Quadraspire I can only order online. A local dealer sells Atacama racks, how are these?

I’d go with the Atacama - they are a good company. The Evoque Eco 60/40 SE is probably the one to get. Unlike the horrid Podium Slimline, each shelf is separate for better isolation.

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My Podium Slimline works fine. I’ve never had any problems lining up the legs, and a quick check confirms the legs are still tight now. I love the sound of my system on it. Doing a home demo of streamers a couple of years ago my dealer commented he’d never thought B&W800 series speakers sounded good before and how well he thought my 135 amps controlled them. So as ever different people prefer different things. I really rate my Hifi Racks stand, I have the ND555 on a glass shelf on top, but the other 5 boxes sit on the wood and the music sounds great.