proAc tablette 10 vesre signature version

Has anyone got experience of them both. Does the signature version justify the £300 extra. I need some I can put pretty close to the back wall that’s why i’m favouring these. I’m planning on running them vis a Naim Atom. Any advise greatly appreciated.

@HiFiman may help you.


Both the standard and signature versions work very well close to the back wall.
If you don’t already own a pair of the standard version I would stretch to the signatures as the bass is slightly better but not much between them on the top/mid end but the signatures just pip the standard as you would expect, its whether you can justify the addition £300.

In the right room both the standard and signatures are hard to beat, I owned the standard when I had the NAP100, CB250 (olive fascia) then 250DR, excellent and easy to drive albeit the better amp showed how far you can go with these speakers as they just kept on giving only changed to the signatures as I wanted a cherry pair to match my Fraim.

Home demo of both would be ideal before handing over hard earned cash.

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Thanks Graeme. I’m going to demo them both tomorrow. The guy also suggested listening to the ProAc DT8 (floor stander). I’m happy to but price and space an issue. Hope they don’t put me off the the signature. Thanks. Have you come across the DT8. Jonathan

My pleasure. I should have added that I’ve used the Tab 10 for over a year now. They continue to delight!


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