Proac tablette 50

Toying with a pair of these with supernait 3, just to scratch an itch and compare to dynaudio evoke 10. Anyone had these on the past?

No one had em?

@ryder had the Proac tablette 50 in the past. Then Harbeth and Marten now. Maybe has he heard the Dynaudio….

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I owned the Tablette 50 Signatures before (not the regular Tab 50). Very impressive detail with razor sharp imaging. The treble is particularly airy and sweet. Nevertheless, that’s where the good story ends as I find the bass to be lacking, contributing to an unbalanced sound. In other words, it’s mostly midrange and treble without much bass weight. A light presentation without much going on at the bottom. I also find the tonality of the Proac to be inferior to the speakers which i own during the time, Harbeth.

Some folks suggested that the little Proacs require a pair of heavy stands for them to reveal their full potential. I used the Tab 50 Sigs with a pair of mass loaded 4 pillar stands which I believe are quite adequate. I think one stand weighs more than 20 kg perhaps closer to 25 kg if not more.

A big Plinius Class A amp was used to drive the Proacs so I think the amp wasn’t the issue. Plenty of power and drive with the Plinius which provided a full, warm and weighty sound. During the time i had the Proacs they were compared to larger speakers (Harbeth SHL5) so that may be the reason I found the bass to be inadequate. Also, the overall sound of the Proac is lean and thin, a very big contrast to the full and warm sound of the Harbeth.

I appreciate the strengths of both Proac and Harbeth but ultimately picked the latter for long term satisfaction. The Tab 50 Sigs are very nice but I found I couldn’t listen to them for more than an hour. After about 30 minutes my ears would tire, unlike the Harbeth (and currently Marten) where I could usually listen up to 3 hours or longer without any interruption in between.

Ported so, in my experience, more room fussy than the sealed Tab 10.


ok that’s something i cant live with either so ill leave them! thanks for helping avoid speaker dissatisfaction!. I may well hang on until next yr and investigate the newer tab 10.


Had the standard Tab 50’s on unfilled Atacama stands with 82/180 and they were superb. Detailed but smooth … nice imaging … and satisfying bass. (Deeper than you’d credit). Most people report further improvements by filling the stands but they’re great as they come, and I placed them just a few cm from the rear wall with no boominess. Don’t recognise the negative comments above … these refer to a different model btw. Also I was once criticised on here for suggesting that ported speakers might need more space … anyway the little tabs just sat there and performed. Can’t go wrong.

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BTW kept the stands unfilled so I could carry them easily through to the “DBL” room for the (too many :slight_smile: ) occasions when I’d blown the tweeters on the big 'uns. Must say that firing them up in the big system was NEVER a disappointment.

oh cheers! might be worth a punt if i can get them at a better price than advertised then.


Yes, it may be worth it if you can get the Tab 50s at a good price. You can always move them on if they don’t live up to expectations. The Tab 50s may sound very different from the 50 Signature.

FWIW when I had the Tab 50 Sigs they have considerable distance from the rear wall. I find a “free space” placement to contribute a lot to the impressive imaging capabilities of the little Proacs. They really image like crazy when you give them space.

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Maybe contributed to your bass-light experience. But either way, yours were a different model, so not arguing with your findings in the slightest.

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