Problem connecting to server uniti core

I have an Apple computer and am receiving the following message when I try to access the Uniti-Core server, “There was a problem connecting to the server “Uniti Core” This file server will not allow any additional users to log on. Try to connect again later.” I have been able to connect in the past but am no longer to do so. Any suggestions?

Sounds like you have another user connected already. Have you logged in via a different computer recently?

No I have not. There is just myself and the other Naim components. There is only one laptop from which I try to access the Core.

I suggest that you do a power off restart of your UnitiCore and you could do the same with your MAC too .

What exactly are you trying to do here? You should be able to see the Core music folders via the Mac Finder, but there is no login required for this, and you would only do it if, for example, you wanted to add music to the Downloads folder. To control the Core, you need to use the Naim app on iOS or Android.

I am trying to add music to the Core. I cannot see the music folders. When the Mac tries to connect via the Finder I get the message I started this topic with.

Have you tried what David suggested full power down and reboot?

To power down do I just pull the plug then plug back in?

Yes pull the lead from the Core leave for 10 seconds and then put the lead back in to reboot.

I will try it out later today

I just had the same problem with my UnitiCore and solved with a restart.



The restart was successful. Now if someone can tell me why music transfer is so slowwwww. Not nearly as fast as my old RipNas or my Time Machine hard drive.

Oh and thanks for the help

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