Problem file 24/192 in ND5xs2

My ND5xs2 has always been on WiFi via the Airport Extreme apple which is about 7 meters away and I have always listened to flac and wav files at 192/24. Today I noticed that 24/192 files freeze at intervals of about 10 seconds for about 7/8 seconds. What could have happened? In the same room three months ago I inserted only a Fritz Repeater 2400 to expand the WiFi network in mesch … Could it be the upgrade of the naim ND5 xs2?

The files are taken from Unitiserve 2tb. I also keep copies on a Synology DS718 + and from this Sinology 24/192 files are played regularly. Unitiserve and Synology are close.

However from unitiserve you can listen to flac, wav, etc files up to 24/192 …

Agreed. Sounds like a LAN issue.

If the OP has a long ethernet cable try a direct connection from the Airport Extreme to try to eliminate wi-fi, but what comes before the Extreme?

Airport Extreme is connected to the Telecom Italia modem. I have reset the Cisco switch 2960 to which unitiserve, synology and mycloud WD are connected. I turned off and on unitiserve. I seem to be listening to 192kHz tracks now but after a couple of discs (about 20/25 tracks) the problem seems to come back. It should be a WiFi problem but maybe the Airport Extreme is 7 years too old!

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I’ve wondered about my old Time Capsule at times!

In many and from someone who has had Airport I have heard that the power runs out over the years and connection problems begin even though the WiFi network is present …

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