Problem Rega P3

Hi guys, I have a little problem.
I have a Naim Unit Atom with Rega P3 and Rega phono preamp. Everything is brand new, except the phono preamplifier which is used. Only using with the turntable did the left channel stop working. I switched speakers and cables, but the problem remains. At this point I’m thinking of the phono preamplifier, hopefully not the Rega.
What do you think?

Check the cartridge tags.
That’s the 4 little wires at the back of the cartridge.


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OK, so for the new stuff… Contact your dealer.

For the Phono Preamp … contact whoever you bought it from.

(my guess is that it is the Phono Preamp…)

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Slide them off one by one with tweezers, squeeze very gently, put them back on. One at a time so you don’t get the colours mixed up.
Just to rule this out.

You could also bypass the phono preamp. Use a line in on the amp. Volume all the way down, slowly increase. It will be very quiet because the phono preamp is missing. Check you can hear both left and right. Then you know it’s the phono stage. Or the cable from stage to amp. But not the tt itself.

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There is (IMO) a significant risk of damage in doing this.

Its also quite unlikely to be the problem - IMO.

Simply - Don’t… :thinking:

But YMMV… :expressionless:

I had a loose one once. It can happen. The tag needed a very gentle squeeze.
Agreed from the rega factory it should be fine.

Assuming it is untouched since leaving Rega, yes.

If ‘someone’ has fitted the cart - get them to check it…

Do Not Risk Your Kit - unless you really know what you are doing… :thinking:

New Kit = Dealer/Sellers problem.

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The dealer is a good friend.
Tomorrow I will go with pre phono to try it and eventually to change it. If the phono preamp works then I’ll bring the Rega but for now start with the simpler part, the pre phono.
I don’t put my hands on it because I could do damage. :sweat_smile:

Get your friend/dealer on the case - ASAP…!!

Good Call… :crazy_face:

I tried bypassing the phono preamp and both channels are on. Then I plugged everything back in with the phono preamp and now it works both sound :roll_eyes:

What’s happened :pleading_face:

There was a poor connection, which you have resolved by cycling the Phono preamp. Hope it stays fixed… :slightly_smiling_face:

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It already happened a couple of weeks ago, then it worked until yesterday. It is a strange thing…

I think your Phono Preamp has a problem… Suggest you get it looked at… :thinking:

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I think too

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Contact Rega, maybe…?

Tomorrow i will ho to the dealer to change may pre phono with a new one. No more used

If you move the cables that goes in /out of the pre phono. Does the problem occur then? Sounds like a bad solder joint in either cables or pre phono.


Have you tried swapping the L and R connections on the cable between P3 and Fono? Also between Fono and Atom? This will tell you whether the fault is in the turntable, fono or amp, or possibly in a cable.

I’m trying this one.