Problem streaming hi-res files from NAS to NDX

Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me with this streaming challenge. I’ve got a QNAP NAS drive and an NDX that I’ve been using for years for streaming ripped and hires files via minimserver and upnp. I am not a networking guru… I recently installed a Google mesh network and have put the NAS into the ethernet port on one of the hubs, with NDX plugged into another one. Native Tidal streaming works fine with no buffering. However, I’m struggling to play hires files from the NAS without constant buffering, with the worst being a 24/192 wav file from Qobuz, every 6 secs. Flac files of same resolution better but still intermittently buffering. Maybe it’s the Google mesh network but it’s been rock solid for all other devices. Any ideas/help really welcome! Thank you.

all in all, the mesh network is not as fast as a cable one, but should be ok to play high res files, especially if you do not experience any other issue with other apps.

My guess is that kind of looks like a network issue. I would suggest to try to check the downlinks ethernet câbles that you use between your devices and the google mesh bases. One of them might have a hardware issue. So, try to swap or exchange cables with one you are sure of. To diagnose which one fails, use your computer to access your QNAP NAS to check if when you download a file from the music directory, it should not be slowed down.

Do you use Asset or Minim to publish your NAS music files? if yes, then you can make a check if it is slow to access playing from a mobile device with Mconnect or any DLNA player. if yes, reboot NAS, then change the ethernet cable, try another DLNA provider (I recommend you Asset). if not, then concentrate on NDX side.
As you say that you have a huge lag to play Qobuz files as well, I suspect that the problem is more on the NDX link to the network side. Alternatively, if the cable is ok, then the Google ethernet plug might have an issue and you should plug something else to check if you have lag as well.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Super helpful, thank you. Really appreciate that. Will run these steps this evening to see if it sorts. Thanks again.

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