Problem with a new RCA to DIN cable

Hi @all !

I bought a new RCA to DIN cable for my streamer. Sound and all is ok but accidentally I switched another source button and could still listen to the streamer. I tried other inputs and there was still the same problem. Could it be that there is something wrong with the cable? It‘s a TP Koltura RCA - DIN5. I will contact the dealer but does something around here know what the problem could be. With my old RCA to RCA cable there were no issues

How loud is it when you switch to the other input source - faint, or similar volume to the correct input ?

What input are you using on the SN3 ? If you’re using AV in/out or Stream in/out, try using Tuner or CD instead - still the same issue ?

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It has the similar volume. I connected it on the stream input and later I tried the Tuner Input. Was still the same. When I switched off the source there was fortunately no issue anymore. This would be a solution but it is not nice

All RCA to RCA here no issues . :+1:t2:

So you’ve tried connecting the cable to the Tuner or CD inputs ?

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Yes I tried it, was the same. I am not sure whether it could be problem with the cable or with the amp?

I did wonder If you had a cable wired as an output cable rather than an input cable at the DIN5 end, back feeding the signals in to the Out pins on the AV and Stream input sockets. If this was the case, you’d get no sound if the cable was plugged into the CD or Tuner inputs.

I’d suggest completely powering down the SN3 for 10 mins just to make sure something’s not gone awry with the input switching, otherwise it sounds like a question for @neils if a power down doesn’t fix it.

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I will switch the SN3 off later and will try it again tomorrow. Thanks @james_n

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A strange one.

I’ll be interested how you get on🤞

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Put the RCAs in and enjoy it was fine before.
I have SN3 and only use RCA. :partying_face: :+1:t2:

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When you say the RCA to RCA had no issues - did you ever check for this particular problem? The inputs that share DIN & RCA sockets are piggybacked, so I would expect the same behaviour if the SN3 was faulty.
I agree with James that it doesn’t sound like a tape out cable, as you would get no signal on the inputs with no tape out facility.



Just tested it again. This time there was no signal coming out of the new cable when putting it in the “CD” socket, cd player went in in “tuner” socket. cd player was fine as usual, no signal from the new cable. Then i did it as it was before: cd player in cd socket and streamer with rca cable in stream input: everything is fine again.

so I will do it the easy way: cable goes back and my old rca cable does its job again. you are right @Skeptikal

Thanks @james_n and @NeilS for your help

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Now you’ve tested it again, It does appear that your new cable is wired as an output cable rather than an input cable which is why it works ‘ok’ on the Stream input socket (but can be heard across the other inputs), but no sound at all via the CD input socket. You’ll need a properly configured input cable if you do decide to try RCA to DIN option again.

Got there in the end :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, I agree with James, from what you describe this very much sounds like it’s wired for the REC IN/OUT pins rather the PLAY IN/OUT ones.


Is it the Koltura D18 RCA to DIN that you have? I also use one between my DAC and NAC 82 and can confirm that the signal only comes via the connected input (Aux). If I switch to another source button, I get silence.

I notice that the cable is available in different configurations. Perhaps you have the DIN as source version?

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It should be the source RCA from my streamer to the SN3 and it seems that they sent the wrong one but I will give it back. I keep my RCA-RCA that works well